Lligams Orgànics  is the name we gave to our agro-ecological and cultural project. A piece of land came to us and we decided to take care of it in the best way possible. 

The Catalan word  Lligam (pronounced as lligám) has a variety of meanings, such as links, ties and connections, among others. We believe that in any healthy system everything is connected to each other and there are no loose ends, just like in an ecosystem.

Orgànic  stands for the organic and ecological way we produce and it also reflects that these connections have to grow in an organic way, and given the time & space needed without being forced. Thus they are strong, real and long-lasting connections. 

Anna & Sven

Since December 2023, and for at least 3 years, Sven is responsible for the Espai Test de Passanant i Belltall, a Test Field growing Garlic All de Belltall. Traditionally this variety of garlic has been worked 100% manually (from seeding to harvesting). Nowadays there are only a few families left in Belltall, keeping the seed of past generations alive. 7 families now produce what 1 single family (from about 15) was producing in the sixties!

The menace of losing this local variety has brought different actors together to set up this Test Field, to try to mechanize part of the production process, to multiply seed and thus, rescue this variety from oblivion. 

The Test Field will be taken care of following Lligams Orgànics' philosophy.  Check links for articles and video's.

Montse Sànchez, presidenta Associació de productors All de Belltall i Sven Rock, tester de l'Espai

Working together with nature. Lligams Orgànics is part of the course "Joves amb talent", a program based on regenerative agriculture and to promote small-scale projects that want to do agriculture in a sustainable way. 

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